Service and support. We provide technical advisory for your business

As much as you value your customers, so do we. Therefore we consider it to be a top priority to support you whenever you need us. When you choose us as a partner, we offer a service level agreement that is tailor made to fit your need for help and support.

To make it even easier we have created packages that you can choose from. And if that is not enough we can make a special deal to fit your need.

All our packages include 24-hour response time on weekdays. We offer support on both email and phone and support time is between 8-17 on weekdays.

Besides the regular support package, Pintle’s approach includes a little more.

We always try to analyze and revise your business goals

Narrowing down the number of goals is extremely important for any business. We will take just a pinch of advisory responsibility here and that may help to prevent you from making any hasty decisions.

Constantly improving our communication level

Great ideas always come in the process of implementation. On one hand, it’s important that teams take part in generating helpful ideas. On the other, such an approach can lead to diffusion of responsibility. We always keep an eye on that and adapt for each client we work with.

Thinking rationally

An experienced and insightful marketing agency should warn their clients when they notice they’re planning to make unnecessary marketing expenses. We will study together and take into consideration all the relevant factors.

Service and support

Contact us today and let us tell you more about our Service and Support options.