Technical SEO, what is it?

In short technical SEO is to ensure that your website is in part with search engine technical requirements. And the goal of course is to gain improved search engine rankings.
These are the categories of technical SEO:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Rendering
  • Website architecture

Google and other search engines can only find pages if the pages comply with the four before mentioned bullets. But that’s just the basics. It’s not a certainty that Google will index your pages just based on those basics. There are many more technical factors to ensure that Google will index and rank your pages.

Why is it important?

So we have established that unless you comply with the basics at least, search engines will not find and index your pages. So in other words. Beautiful web design and great written content will not be shown on search engines without proper technical SEO.
So what happens if and when Google finds and indexes your pages? As mentioned before, these are just the basics.
To ensure full technical SEO optimisation, your sites pages need to be secure (https), mobile friendly, no duplicate content, fast-loading and much much more.
Your site doesn’t need to meet all the requirements. However, it goes without saying that the more requirements that are being met, the better chances for a higher ranking on search engines.

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