Personalized data driven solutions can give your business an edge

Customer data has become the new currency of today. Using it the right way can be extremely beneficial for business. See how you get the most out of your customer data.

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Most websites collect huge amounts of customer data – from email opens and click throughs to social engagement and browsing behavior, from white paper downloads to page views and time on site. The purpose is to understand customers and learn about their behaviors and what experiences they are triggered by so brands can deliver more relevant content for each individual customer.

Web development with focus on marketing is in constant progress and providing the customer with the right content at the right time is the key to success. This is called personalization and your customers expects to be served with individualized relevant content more than ever before.

When it comes to the Sitecore platform – the capabilities are vast and to some extend unlimited. Here are just few examples of how to utilize the platform to suit your customers needs.

  • The ability to capture customer data at the individual level
  • Get insights into customer behavior in real time, as customers are interacting with your channels
  • Automated responses to customer interactions and automatic identification of customer segments
  • Remember what customers have previously done on any channel, including: purchases, clicks, form submissions, document downloads etc. Basically any interaction
  • Remember what customers have previously looked at online
  • Address customers on individual level by utilizing all known data aspects on specific parts of content including automated e-mails content
  • Offer relevant products, services, or information of interest based on behavioural data or specific customer data from external system
  • Enrolling customers into automation flows in order to help them go through your desired path of actions on the website
  • With Sitecore Experience Platform version 9, the new Sitecore xConnect data collection and Sitecore Cortex machine learning engine, the platform opens up for much bigger opportunities

Customer behavior, decisions, interactions, and outcomes are continuously processed and optimized. Now you are able to reveal most common user behavior patterns and are able to use your customers historical interactional data.

This allows for predictions on how the customer will react next time they visit your site, thereby providing new possibilities to serve even more relevant personalized content.

Sitecore has set the path and the technology to provide optimal customer personalization is now out there. However it requires a determined strategy and focus from a strong team of individuals to fully achieve the potentials of personalized marketing

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